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Individual Senstroke Sensor

€59,90 €69,90
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Complete your Redison instruments

Complete your Senstroke kit or Senspad with individual sensors and unlock new possibilities!

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Individual Sentroke Sensor,
€59,90 €69,90

An addition to the Senstroke Essential Box

As you know, the Senstroke Essential Box contains two Senstroke sensors which allow you to play with your hands. You can therefore add other Senstroke sensors to also play with your feet. In this way you can play the base and/or hi-hat pedal all the while keeping the sensors that you already have on your sticks. This will unlock many different configuration possibilities and help you to make even more progress on the drums by adding more parts.

… and also for Senspad!

The individual Senstroke sensor is the perfect tool for completing your Senspad drum kit. Thanks to the individual Senstroke sensors, you can also play with your feet (base, double base and/or hi-hat). You will have the most connected and portable drum set ever. Everything you need to create a monster set and become a master of drums !

A wireless MIDI controller to do everything

You can also use the Senstroke sensor by itself to make whatever MIDI trigger you desire. For example, you can use is as a MIDI trigger for your acoustic base drum by placing it on the drum, or even use it to set off visual or audio effects thanks to the MIDI commands… In other words, the possibilities are endless!

Very Light : 19g
Simple : Children 6 and up can use it.
Innovative, compact and ergonomic
No wires, no sockets
Rechargeable battery via micro USB port
12h battery life for 3h of charging
MIDI connection via Bluetooth
Play a full drum set immediately, wirelessly. Turn your environment into a realistic and customized drum set.
Customizable : create your own drum sets and save them in the Senstroke application.
Manage notes on 128 different levels of intensity.
Open : compatible with MIDI via Bluetooth with any computer assisted music software via your computer.
Thanks to the Senstroke application, get your game on and improve your skills. From your phone, you can control it all and take advantage of frequent free updates, ensuring you always get the newest tracks.
Enjoy a fast free delivery worldwide (4-7 days).
In France, you will receive your package within 2 to 3 days.

Senstroke is an innovative solution that allows you to realistically play the drums on any surface. Please visit our product pages in order to get more information about the features that our sensors offer.

No, absolutely not. Senstroke uses unique patented technology that allows you to play drums on the surface of your choice. It has nothing to do with Air drumming, but rather transcribing the real sensation of the experience, including rebounds, even the erratic ones.

You just need to connect the Senstroke sensors to our dedicated application via Bluetooth and define playing zones for each element of the virtual drum set. For more information about the setup procedure, visit our configuration page.

No, nothing can replace a real drum kit. Senstroke is an aid that helps to learn and practice in order to progress or focus on a specific skill set. Like any new tool, you’ll need to follow our tutorials and user guides to take full advantage of all the features.

Senstroke was designed for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you can get all the same real sensations of a drumkit with help of our application or your favorite computer-assisted music programs.

Of course ! You can easily use Senstroke for your live shows. We recommend using a 5 piece kit for more comfort.

A pair of size 7A or 5A drumsticks.
A solid playing surface : practice pads, pillows, book, table, furniture, etc.
A smartphone or tablet with an operating system that is iOS 10 or Android 6.0 or above.
An internet connection to download the Senstroke application and the Senstroke sensor updater application.

In order to prevent any damage to the sensors, we recommend using size 5A or 7A drumsticks.

The sensors can be used on pretty much any solid surface imaginable. It is however best to avoid surfaces that are too hard on the wrists and could damage the sensors. We would also not recommend playing in an environment that is surrounded by metal, as it may confuse the sensors.

In order to use the sensors, you must download the Senstroke application. This application makes it so the sensors can be configured and played.

In order to take full advantage of the application, we recommend using a smartphone or tablet that has IOS10, Android 6.0 or Windows 10 or higher.

It is possible to use the sensors, once they are configured, with the majority of computer-assisted music programs that are capable of receiving MIDI audio via Bluetooth. You can follow this tutorial in order to use Senstroke with Garageband on IOS and this tutorial to use Senstroke with Garageband on Mac OSX. If you are using Windows, here’s how to connect Senstroke to Windows.

The Senstroke app

The most accomplished drumming and learning app on the market.
Available on iOS and Android, it will also allow you to take full advantage of Senstroke sensors.