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Senstroke Essential Box


Senstroke Essential Box


The Essential Senstroke Box is the perfect choice for a smooth initiation to drumming!

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Senstroke, Play the drums….without making any noise !

Senstroke releases the drummer within you and allows you to play everywhere and on everything !
The concept is simple: sensors are applied on the drumsticks and on your feet to send the actual sounds of a drum to your smartphone in real time. You can drum on pillows, cardboard or a practice pad….the end result is the same ! Become a traveling drummer and make progress every day.
Senstroke capteur

WHAT’S INSIDE THE Senstroke Essential Box

Essential box

2 sensors

1 pair of drumsticks

1 foot attachments straps

1 practice pad

1 USB charging cable

Discover Senstroke

Your drum set fits in your pocket !

All you need are the Senstroke sensors and a pair of sticks to turn any room into a concert hall. In a few seconds, you connect, you get ready….and you play ! Whether you are a beginner or expert, Senstroke lets you play from the comfort of your own home, your friend’s place, in a plane or even at the ocean with all the sensations of a real drum set.
Box senstroke

WeGroove : One more app to learn & progress!

Playing is good. Playing better and better… is really great! 
Connect your Senstroke sensors to our WeGroove app and enjoy interactive lessons tailored to your level and style in “video game” mode. You’ll be able to improve your playing on a selection of over 100 famous artists:  It’s up to you!

With Senstroke, design your drum set the way you want !

The best way to make progress ? Customize the Senstroke application to create the perfect acoustic drum clone. This way, you can perfect your routines and each Senstroke session improves your skills on your normal instrument.
Box senstroke
Box senstroke

Listen to yourself… And make yourself heard

Senstroke can record your sessions and then you can share them with the whole world…Or keep them for yourself. Who could ask for more ?
Box senstroke
Box senstroke

Senstroke, 100% compatible with your favorite software

Play in travel mode or bring your drum set to the studio : you can connect Senstroke on your smartphone, your Mac, your PC… or use the Senstroke sensors with Ableton, Reaper, Logic Pro and Garage band to create better tracks.
Box senstroke

Ready to choose your Senstroke box ?

Senstroke essential box


Essential box

Start at your own rhythm !

2 sensors

1 pair of drumsticks

1 foot attachment strap

1 practice pad

1 USB charging cable


Senstroke ultimate box



The complete kit for rocking hard !

4 sensors

1 pair of drumsticks

2 foot attachment strap

1 practice pad

1 USB charging cable

1 Redison sensor case

Icon leger

Very Light : 19g

Icon simple

Simple : Children 6 and up can use it.

Icon innovant

Innovative, compact and ergonomic

icon sans fil

No wires, no sockets

icon rechargement

Rechargeable battery via micro USB port

icon batterie

12h battery life for 3h of charging

icon midi

MIDI connection via Bluetooth

icon connecté

Play a full drum set immediately, wirelessly. Turn your environment into a realistic and customized drum set.

Icon ajustement

Customizable : create your own drum sets and save them in the Senstroke application.

icon reglages

Manage notes on 128 different levels of intensity.

icon compatiblité

Open : compatible with MIDI via Bluetooth with any computer assisted music software via your computer.

icon interactif

Thanks to the Senstroke application, get your game on and improve your skills. From your phone, you can control it all and take advantage of frequent free updates, ensuring you always get the newest tracks.


Enjoy a fast free delivery worldwide (4-7 days). In France, you will receive your package within 2 to 3 days.

Senstroke is an innovative solution that allows you to realistically play the drums on any surface.

Please visit our product pages in order to get more information about the features that our sensors offer.

No, absolutely not. Senstroke uses unique patented technology that allows you to play drums on the surface of your choice. It has nothing to do with Air drumming, but rather transcribing the real sensation of the experience, including rebounds, even the erratic ones.
You just need to connect the Senstroke sensors to our dedicated application via Bluetooth and define playing zones for each element of the virtual drum set. For more information about the setup procedure, visit our configuration page.

No, nothing can replace a real drum kit. Senstroke is an aid that helps to learn and practice in order to progress or focus on a specific skill set.
Like any new tool, you’ll need to follow our tutorials and user guides to take full advantage of all the features.

Senstroke was designed for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or advanced you can get all the same real sensations of a drumkit with help of our application or your favorite computer-assisted music programs.
Of course ! You can easily use Senstroke for your live shows. We recommend using a 5 piece kit for more comfort.

A pair of size 7A or 5A drumsticks.
A solid playing surface : practice pads, pillows, book, table, furniture, etc.
A smartphone or tablet with an operating system that is iOS 10 or Android 6.0 or above.
An internet connection to download the Senstroke application and the Senstroke sensor updater application.

In order to prevent any damage to the sensors, we recommend using size 5A or 7A drumsticks.
The sensors can be used on pretty much any solid surface imaginable. It is however best to avoid surfaces that are too hard on the wrists and could damage the sensors. We would also not recommend playing in an environment that is surrounded by metal, as it may confuse the sensors.

In order to use the sensors, you must download the Senstroke application. This application makes it so the sensors can be configured and played.

Senstroke : App Store | Play Store

In order to take full advantage of the application, we recommend using a smartphone or tablet that has IOS10, Android 6.0 or Windows 10 or higher.

It is possible to use the sensors, once they are configured, with the majority of computer-assisted music programs that are capable of receiving MIDI audio via Bluetooth.
You can follow this tutorial in order to use Senstroke with Garageband on IOS and this tutorial to use Senstroke with Garageband on Mac OSX.
If you are using Windows, here’s how to connect Senstroke to Windows.

All iPhones and iPads that with iOS 10 or above are compatible.

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet we recommend to download the Senstroke app and launch it. A compatibility test will tell you if your device is compatible or not.

For the time being, the drum kit is configured for right-handers : snare drum in the center, hi-hat on the left and ride cymbal on the right. It is however possible to customize the kit and in this way, configure it for left-handed use.

It is possible to use the sensors, once they are configured, with the majority of computer-assisted music programs that are capable of receiving MIDI audio via Bluetooth.
You can follow this tutorial in order to use Senstroke with Garageband on IOS and this tutorial to use Senstroke with Garageband on Mac OSX.
If you are using Windows, here’s how to connect Senstroke to Windows.

Complete my box

Guide Redison Apprendre la batterie en 5 jours

Redison Guide: Learn how to play drums in 5 days


Etui pour capteurs Senstoke

Senstroke Sensors Case


Pad entrainement Redison

Redison Practice Pad



The Senstroke app

The most accomplished drumming and learning app on the market. Available on IOS and Android, it will also allow you to take full advantage of Senstroke sensors.

Why choose Redison ?

Real musical instruments

All products are light, strong and innovative. They are real musical instruments that area always tuned just right and ready to develop your skills as a musician from the very first session !

Quick progress guarantee

The key to progress is to practice….regularly. Our instruments let you practice as often as you want, without the constraints of equipment and…with less noise ! Everything you need to develop skills and progress quickly

Part of a community

It’s normal to feel alone when you start out….Not with Redison ! Join the WeGroove community and the many drummers already using our pages and applications. The more, the merrier…. we play !

Cock-a-doodle-doo !

Redison is a French bootstrap designed to help musicians. We know that your tracks will soon be topping the charts and we’re so happy to be a part of it !

The freedom to connect…

Our instruments are compatible with all major music development software, so you can share your love of drumming with the whole world ! Most digital drum sets can also be connected to our applications to practice even harder…and have even more fun !

Compatible :

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Wegroove app

The new addictive app to play drums with your smartphone and practice your favorite songs simply!