Our vision

Redison Music was born from the idea that music must be accessible to everyone. We offer innovations that will facilitate access and practice of music.

Our team is composed mainly of drummers, guitarists and singers. What’s more natural for us than to embark on innovations for music?

The first 100% portable and connected drum

More portable than electronics drums kits and more evolutive than the multipads,
Senspad will be the new alternative to drumming.
Available this year

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Play, Record, Improve

The first connected sensors to play and learn the drums. Drums are finally becoming accessible to everyone!

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Drumming is a game : WeGroove

WeGroove is an App available on IOS and Android, which allows everyone to play and learn drums in an easy and fun way.
With WeGroove, play on all your favorite songs, and accompany hundreds of artists on a virtual drum set.

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