Frequently asked questions about Redison

Answers to frequently asked questions about Redison.

What is Redison ?

REDISON is a company that aims to bring you innovative solutions to simplify your daily life.
Composed of experts and technology enthusiasts, our teams are at your disposal to best meet your needs.

What is Redison Music ?

Musicians and passionate about new technology, one of our main field of activity is music. Through our first product, Senstroke, we aim to revolutionize the practice of drums.
In addition to Senstroke, other music products are currently being developed.

What is Senstroke ?

A true revolution for drummers around the world, Senstroke is the only solution that lets you play drums anywhere and on any surface. Using connected sensors and a smartphone app, Senstroke is the first project developed by our teams.
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What is Redison Care ?

Redison subsidiary, dedicated to innovations in health and well-being, we want our technologies and knowledge to be applied to the medical community.
If you have a project, or would like to know more about our technologies, feel free to contact us.

How to contact us ?

Questions, comments or requests ?
Click here to contact us.
Our team is at your disposal to answer you.

Want to join us in the Redison adventure ?

Want to be a part of an innovative company and composed of passionate people ? That’s good, we’re always looking for new talent !
Feel free to send us your application by contacting us.