Drumistic : the genesis of Redison

Since April 2017, Redison, former Drumistic, has been offering innovative connected objects to make your everyday life easier.

Drumistic : at the origin of Redison

The observation of Jérôme, founder and president of Redison, but above all a passionate drummer, is simple and seemed obvious to him after a recording session of his favourite instrument: the drums are a heavy, cumbersome instrument, difficult to transport.

For the majority of drummers, it is unthinkable to play in an apartment because of noise and space issues.

Jérôme’s idea then made itself precisely in his mind, to finally turn into a development project: there is a way, made possible by modern technology, to carry drums everywhere. But to do that, one has to think outside the box.

Rather than miniaturizing the instrument, it is better to virtualize it. And what about striking? Moving it around in sensors; the drums will no longer be the instrument on which you hit, but the one you hit with.

This is how the Drumistic project was born; the creation of the first connected sensors allowing one to play the drums without drums, in a realistic way, while keeping the precision and the playing sensations of the drummer.

It’s true that before Drumistic, there were already “air drumming” solutions, but Jérôme’s project is quite different: on the one hand, it’s a question of preserving the drummer’s playing sensations, and on the other hand, of constituting a complementary tool to the drums.

The Drumistic’s Kickstarter

Once the name, “Drumistic”, the product and the objective had been defined, the project now had to be launched.

The Kickstarter Drumistic was launched on April 3, 2017. Very quickly, the project is financed and the project even exceeds the basic target of 100,000€ of funding.

During the Kickstarter Drumistic campaign, a real international community of drummers is created. More than 3000 fans quickly join the Drumistic social networks. This number has grown steadily since then and we now have over 10,000 fans worldwide.

Our community has been a constant and unfailing support, allowing us to improve the sensors, to find new ideas in order to offer a product that is getting better and better.

We had the chance to test the Drumistic sensors with professional drummers as soon as the prototypes were operational.

These tests, together with our drummers community, allowed us to make progress on the functionalities of the sensors and particularly on a point that is as essential as it is crucial for the development of the project: the Drumistic application.

The Drumistic application

It is at this time that the team begins to grow, and we begin to develop the Drumistic application.

The application is designed to be simple and intuitive, and is now available on Android and iOS. By developing on these two operating systems, we wanted to keep the possibility for all users to have access to the Drumistic application. This is why the sensors have remained compatible with other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) softwares.

Many features were then added as we went along: the possibility to connect the sensors to Windows, to record, to save a custom kit… It is also possible to choose different drum kits, and even to learn the drums thanks to our learning module.

Of course, there are many more features to come!

Where to buy Drumistic?

Since the crowdfunding campaign produced positive outcomes for the Drumistic project, we then switched to Indiegogo with the idea of continuing on this great momentum. When the Kickstarter Drumistic reached its goal, we switched to Indiegogo to continue the crowdfunding.

However, we still thought it wise not to limit ourselves to this commercial vector. We quickly set up the sale of Drumistic sensors on other channels: our website, which became Senstroke.com, as well as on Amazon.

It is also possible to buy Drumistic, now Senstroke, directly in stores in France and abroad. For more information, feel free to consult our list of partner shops.

Becoming Redison

In August 2018, our company becomes Redison.


It appeared to us that Drumistic technology could be extended to many fields, beyond the many uses that our community of drummers could make of it: health, sports or entertainment being only a few examples.

Therefore, the project took on a new dimension, Drumistic had to grow and expand, to develop and encompass all these possibilities. Drumistic then became Redison, a name less centered on percussion. Drumistic sensors are now called Senstroke, and become the first product of the newly created brand, Redison.

What future for Drumistic?

Just because Redison replaced Drumistic doesn’t mean that innovation has disappeared from our nature!

That’s why our second product is already in development. In order to capitalize on the success of Senstroke and the positive feedback from our drumming community, we have for the moment remained in the field of drums and connected instruments. This is how the idea of Senspad developed, with a second successful Kickstarter.

Senspad is the first wireless drum pad and therefore totally portable. It is currently under development in our premises.

Senstroke, formerly Drumistic, our first product, continues to be updated regularly with ever more innovative features for drummers around the world. Want to know more? Visit our Redison blog.

And remember, keep on drumming!