How to reduce lockdown stress by learning the drums

Music Tech inventor calls for people to reduce lockdown stress by learning the drums 13 November 2020: Jerome Dron, Founder of music tech company Redison, is calling on Brits to learn the drums to help reduce stress and stay physically active during UK lockdowns. With National Drumming Day 2020 taking place on Sunday 15 November, […]

The Redison Forum


Some of you may not know it, but there is a Redison forum! Now launched a little over two years ago, the Redison forum is hosted directly on our Redison site, and is accessible from the main navigation menu of the site. What is it used for? What can be found there? Let’s go for […]

Playing drums during the lockdown


The current health situation imposes a new period of lockdown for the coming weeks. On the agenda: staying at home, remote working and, of course, playing the drums! Whether you want to learn the drums, take up the drums again, or simply play from home during this period of lockdown, a little overview of the […]