News from Senspad

Just like Senstroke, Senspad, our second product, is a topic on which we dedicate a lot of attention. So why not share what’s new in this project currently under development? All about Senspad in this Redison blog post! Senspad : project reminder For the few in the audience who didn’t follow (we don’t blame you), […]

What is a metronome used for?


If you are a musician, or if you want to become one, you have probably already heard about the metronome. But what is the purpose of a metronome? What exactly is it? All the answers to your questions in this Redison blog post! The metronome, what is it for? A metronome is first and foremost […]

The different elements of a drum set


If you’ve been following our Redison blog articles on how to hold your drumsticks and how to work the rudiments properly, you probably want to find out about what the different elements of a drum set are. You’ve come to the right place ! Let’s discover together what are the different elements of a drum […]

Drumming for beginners : the rudiments


Today on the Redison blog, let’s take a look at the drumming rudiments. An essential but too often neglected step, practicing the rudiments on the drums allows you to progress quickly and on a healthy basis. Drumming rudiments : what is it ? Before going into practice, a bit of theory is necessary. Just a […]

How to hold your drumsticks well ?


Holding your drumsticks well is the first thing to learn when you want to learn how to play them. Acoustic or electronic drums or Senstroke sensors: it is impossible to play drums correctly without going through the “hold sticks well” process. Luckily, Redison explains everything in this blog article that is essential for beginners, and […]