Redison Year in Review


We had to have one, and here it is: our last blog article… of the year ! To celebrate this year 2019, we offer you a special article “Redison 2019 Retrospective”. Come on, it’s time to look back at this year’s key memories and events ! Senstroke, a successful year. We can say it without […]

Why play drums without drums ?


Today, let’s move away from digital audio workstations and software updates, and let’s focus on how to play drums without drums ! As with any instrument, the drums require regular and meticulous practice in order to be able to master all its facets someday. Unfortunately, drummer friends, we have not chosen an instrument that is […]

The Redison Tour is launched


If you are already following us on our social networks, you’re not unaware that the Redison Tour is on. Would you like to know more about it ? Then you’ve come to the right place ! The Redison Tour : What is it ? During this end-of-year time, we have decided to meet you directly. […]

Senstroke : 1.3 update


The update of the Senstroke application in 1.3 version is now available on iOS, and Android ! Let’s discover together the new features of this update. Senstroke and Senstroke Updater application merge In order to simplify the use of Senstroke sensors, we have implemented the merging of Senstroke and Senstroke Updater applications. Now, it is […]

Senstroke Windows Application : become a beta tester !


We are proud to present the awaited Beta of the complete portability of the Senstroke application for Windows. The Senstroke Windows application In a previous blog article, we introduced you to SensorConnect. This first Senstroke application was used to simplify the connection of Senstroke sensors to Windows. We have decided to go further, and offer […]

Redison : one year later, the report


It has been a little over a year since we launched the Redison blog. Our first article explained why Drumistic became Redison, and the changes it implies. Today, let’s take a look at Redison together, and what is to come ! Senstroke release We told you about it at the WebSummit, it was in November […]

Ableton Live, the digital audio workstation designed for live shows


Here is the continuation of our focus dedicated to digital audio workstations, this time with Ableton Live. Ableton Live : what is it ? Ableton Live is a digital audio workstation released in 2001. Compatible with Windows and MacOS, Ableton Live, like most other DAW, allows you to create, record and mix music. Nevertheless, as […]