Report : the development of the Senstroke app


Hello there, and welcome to our Redison blog ! In today’s program, we will take you behind the scenes of the development of our Senstroke app, as well as the test phases. We had the opportunity to show the application at conventions in which we participated, and now it’s your turn to discover the Beta […]

Senstroke, a revolution for drummers


It’s been a while since we announced the release of our first project: Senstroke, which is being developed in the offices of Redison. But what is Senstroke exactly ? Let’s take a closer look at our first product to come. A revolutionary tool for drummers As drummers, we started from a simple observation : Whether […]

Drumistic becomes Redison


Hello there, and welcome to the first Redison blog article ! Today, we will look at the name change of our company Drumistic, which becomes Redison. Those who follow us for a while on social networks, or via the newsletter, may have noticed some changes as of today : Drumistic is now called Redison. Why did […]